Enhance your security with complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home


Seamlessly integrate door locks with your system to get real-time visibility and control.
  • Lock the door automatically when your system is armed
  • Get a text alert when the door is unlocked
  • Assign unique use codes for temporary access

Lock Codes

Create unique lock codes for each user, and set a schedule to control when the codes can be used. You can limit access by day and time.


You can also create and disable codes at any time, so there’s no need to re-key or change your locks.

Reduce False Alarms

Set your security system to automatically disarm when a valid lock code is entered by an authorized user.


This is simpler for users, who only have to remember one lock code (not a system code), avoiding the hassle of false alarms.

Get Alerts & Notifications

Get a reminder if you leave home and forget to close the garage door.


Set custom notifications and alerts to see only what you care about. Get notified anytime the dog walker arrives or get a no-show alert if the kids don’t get home from school by a certain time.

Garage Doors

Manage your garage doors automatically or on-demand directly from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Check to see if your garage door is closed no matter where you are
  • Close the garage door automatically when your system is armed
  • Receive an alert if you leave the door open

Just bought a home that has an Alarm System already installed?

We may be able to work with it

We will need a picture of your existing alarm system’s keypad. Enter your phone number and we will text you a link to upload a couple pictures right from your smartphone.
(We will never send unauthorized communications to your cell or use your number for anything without your direct consent).

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